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freak of the month
2005 satire

Each month in 2005 (ahem) was honouring a person as freak of the month. Eligible was every individual with a grotesque, eccentric, odd or bizarre appearance. In a society of uniformity, freak of the month acknowledges the courage to appear beyond regular conventions and presents unusual people satirically to enhance the audience's individuality.                     freaks 2006
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December 2005
Professor Dr. Paul Tanner
Professor Paul Tanner has been awarded the "Freak of the Month" award in December 2005 for his courage to combine his professoresque glasses with the charming appearance of a charging bull. He is a living role model for every prat who believes, one should hide one's individual preferences at such worldly occasions like job interviews, weddings, court appearances, funerals or proposals. Thank you, Professor Tanner!


November 2005
Mikhail Rotnoszywinienkowitsch
Mikhail Rotnoszywinienkowitsch (or Rotti, as friends call him) was pictured by our paparazzis on the 3. Brockley Nose and Icecube Challenge in Brockly Stadium end of October. In front of 4600 spectators and 12 competitors Mikhail stuck his nose in a bag of icecubes for 2 hours and 6 minutes (our picture) and won the "Golden Nose of Brockley", where it has remained since the beginning of the competition 2003. Well done, Mikhail!

Freak 0905

September 2005
Bromhold Ougenstrom
The swedish make-up artist from Bermondsey decided in 2002 to go selfemployed. Since then Ougenstrom has advertised his art primarily through himself and has convinced his potential customers. "The end of the day, ma'e, after tiring work, I am happy to just hang out in my 8 room mansion in the centre of Greenwich.", so Bromhold. "f ya pu' in a bi' of effo', i'll work out." OK, Bromhold, award for you...


August 2005
Wendy Winter
Wendy from Camberwell is convinced the operations did work. Formerly called "Bill", the 41 year old sales assistant has been gender-transformed 3 years ago. "And look how many dates I have nowadays" she says, and picks one right out of her fruit bowl. "It's good to be different, innit?" Respect...Go Wendy go!


May 2005
Tattoo Tim
Tattoo Tim, FREAK OF THE MONTH May 2005, honoured for his irreversible (well, no, there's laser technology nowadays) manifestation of being different. Not suitable as ID faking attempt under the limelights of the CCTV age, but who cares. Tim, you're the man!


April 2005
The Unknown Protester
Spotted on April's Fools Day by our photographer, oue honoured winner shows no compromise in his appearance to alert Southeast London and the rest of the world about the "corporate plunder, exploitation and looting of Iraq by the occupying forces" (pictures and report). Awarded as Freak of the Month for his function as a role model for passive citizens, to overcome shyness and act as courageous and responsible human beings.

    Freak of the Month

March 2005
Billy "the Belly"
Billy "the Belly" gives a monkey on people's comments about his physical appearance. "People shouldn't judge a book by its cover!", so the butcher from Bermondsey. "I know I'm sexy anyway.". Worth an award, Billy!

Our beautiful freelancer

February 2005
Sir Marcus G.B. van den Hoogstraaten-Moodsley
Sir Marcus has proven his oddness various times. The beautiful freelancer has revealed secret Olimpya plans of the Queen of Lewisham to download a romanian mountain landscape to replace Lewisham Shopping Centre. (read article)

Has the balls: Samson
January 2005
Samson R.
Honoured because he had the balls to show his opposition against plans to build houses in Deptford Park. (read article), something that can in these days make you appear a bit like a weirdo. Respect, Samson!
Merry Pierce!
December 2004
Edward "The Pierce"
Edward "The Pierce's" comment after being awarded the "Freak of the Month": "I am glad I am the way I am and do not wanna swap with any of these pathetic petit burgeois citizens. I feel great being a mirror of this derelict society!"
Partner for a lifetime: Sally
November 2004
Sally Smied-Kalupke
Sally is a prime example for the necessity that you just have to live your own life. The mother of zero shares a cardboard box castle behind Lewisham Library with 2 austrian preachers. The convinced buddhist has still not found the partner for her life.
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