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A Letter from Peru

The Author: For some people, "Eddie" stays unforgotten for his unique piano performances in the New Cross Coffee Shop. On his journey to Peru he has discovered, which fellow-countrymen are carrying the biggest backpacks and how it feels to return to South East London...






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Lost Days

I’m getting a bit bored of writing. I’ve got some letters and haven’t even posted them yet and maybe I won’t, there’s about three of them now. I’m not sure if I can afford to post them anyway, it’s 8 sols a letter so that’s 24 sols and a bit too much for me at the moment. I cannot believe the last two weeks. At some point over the last 14 days something clicked into place and as I walked around everything seemed different. Not in a physical way, they just appeared slightly more normal I suppose. I sat in the plaza and lounged around, looking at and watching the new arrivals un cuzco from Bolivia and chile probably. Mostly Europeans and other latin Americans. I Can’t understand the size of some of the backpacks that some people carry. It seems ridiculous that some people have to carry around so much useless stuff. The Israelis are the worst and carry massive rucksacks everywhere they go. I met a lot of them in Bolivia, most if not all of them have just got out of Israeli national service and head straight to south America or India, usually in large groups. They stick together a lot and make a lot of noise. There were loads of Israelis here when I arrived and were for a couple of weeks, but most of them left to go to brazil for the carnival or chile or somewhere and theres only a handful of them left now which is good. There were loads of Argentinians here when I first arrived aswell and this hostel was full of them, they also left not long after and the town was relatively free of any Argies for a while but over the last week or two loads more have turned up and there’s a lot of them in cuzco right now.
Have only got 12-13 days left in Peru before I have to head back to La Paz in time for my flight on the 4th. I’ll probably end up stopping here for that time and going back to La Paz at the last minute; although I could do with spending at least 3-4 days in Bolivia before I fly out again. That will be three months since I arrived there, it’s all gone quickly and so much has happened; when I’m on the pane and finally on my way home it will be really weird I know; knowing that I’m, on my way to London England after three months of Latin American hospitality. It’s always a bit strange when your flying back to your home country after a holiday of three or four months. After that time you get really used to a place and it then becomes normal and natural. The currency, food , dress, language and ways of life. When you’ve become accustomed to all that and enjoy it all , it seems dead weird to leave all this and go back to your own country where everything there then seems odd to you. You know what to do and where to go and all that, but you can feel like a complete stranger in your own country and you have to get used to doing things different again.


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