Jo Angel has performed at various venues in Brixton and the area New Cross. He has organised poetry evenings and has hosted various Lost Clubs. Having arrived in Britain in 2001, he wrote his -until today- favourite "cat-poem" (see below).

The Cat Poem

Cats go easy, cats are free
a cat: that`s what I want to be!

I`d sleep till 10 or half 11,
my daily mealtimes: 6 or 7,
if turkey, lamb, or fish and chicks:
I would play some nasty tricks.
I`d look quite hungry, can you see?
Eat one tin and get one free!

I couldn`t work, that would be fine.
I could never miss the Central Line,
and if my ex-wife phoned, I couldn`t say,
why 3 years ago, I stopped to pay!

I`d play that "look that sweetie pussy" show
life would mean: eat as you go!
I'd lay in the grass, I'd sit on a tree
'cause cats go easy, cats are free,
I'd jump on the table,a glass falls down,
I'd piss in the garden: seedlings drown,
and on the carpet: oh my dear! -
I'd leave a stinky souvenir,
and the best of all this action
would be that "cats do what they want!" reaction...

I`d wear no shoes, no shirts, no specs,
I would have never heard of Council tax
I`d loose no mobile, loose no key,
and if the television fee,
would ring the bell and claim a bill,
that wouldn`t thrill me,
honestly it's true!
Cause unlike you-
I wouldn`t have to hide the telly in the loo!

I wouldn`t care `bout politics,
unless they cover fish and chicks,
and if you`d ask me to select -
I mean, a politician to elect,
and ask me harsh to make my choice -
I`d shout out loud:
"Cat Stevens got my voice!

And if that neighbour from 33
would buy catfood (safeway, 19 p),
I would eat that cheap solution,
I`d wait 2 hours - sorry, back my pardon,
and give it back to him as contribution
to dung and s*** on his tomatoes in his garden!

Cats go easy,cats are free -
let`s keep the cats in you and me!