Election 2005: Störm Poorun challenges LibDem Simon Hughes (MP)
Visions for a Greener Future
- Green Candidate for North Southwark and Bermondsey - Sustainability as fundamental goal -
- Skillful campaigner successful in many legal battles-

20.4.2005 (by JE)
For Störm ecology is not a rhetoric playground for armchair-activists, it is an intrinsical motive of daily action. The Ecologist from South East London has successfully campaigned against several environmentally damaging developments e.g Newbury Bypass, Hastings Bypass, Quarrying in the Peak District National Park, and Crystal Palace Park.

In his day-to-day work Störm is focused on issues in his local area. If he is not just setting up a charity, or advising locals on confusing planning permissions, you'll probably find him in court, where he is establishing a local housing co-op.

Störm Poorun
Störm, the Vegan with the multi-ethnic background (Mauritius, Ireland, Scotland, England) is on a mission - The mission for a greener and sustainable future :
"Only radical changes in lifestyle, society, land-use, and culture, will lead to a basic quality of life for all our people, now and in many generations into the future"
(Störm Poorun)

His phone is ringing, his pager is humming, his e-mail inbox has been flowing over again, and someone has just popped in to get some legal advise. Just a normal day for Störm. He
is always busy. His days should have 48 hours.

He is one of those people who get never bored - and are never boring. In the Greater London Assembly elections in 2000, just 23 years old, Störm secured one of the highest Green Party votes (over 13,000 votes). Störm has stood previously in elections for UK Parliament (Camberwell and Peckham), European Parliament, as well as for Parish, London Borough of Southwark, and Kent County Council seats.

He has been supporting the Green Party for 15 years, is a director of several trusts and is connected to a good number of other groups like charities or housing co-ops.

For a politician with 28 years Störm Poorun goes with a remarkable record in the election. And if he does not make his way into British Parliament on May 5th, this will not hinder him to carry on unremittingly campaigning for the cause he truely believes in: a social, human and sustainable society for today and for the future. Störm is on a mission.



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