Pirates against "Corporate Plunder"

Samba in Central London

On April's Fools Day protestors from all over London have demonstrated against the "corporate plunder" of the occupation forces in Iraq.

The ca. 100 demonstrators, many dressed as pirates, gathered at lunchtime in front of Windrush Communications in Mark Street (EC2A). The demonstration's organisers (Corporate Pirates) blame the company as "organisers of conferences, (...) where swashbuckling multinationals come together to discuss selling off Iraq's public assets (...), sponsored by the likes of Shell, Exxon Mobil and Bechtel".

The demonstrators made their voices heard with sound system, samba rhythms and street performances. The protest was peaceful and watched by ca. 10 -15 police officers.

The direct action against Windrush Communications on Friday was the start for a whole week of protests, meetings and workshops, all focused against the policy of the occupying forces U.S.A. and U.K. in Iraq.

Police in front of Windrush's offices

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