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Unpredictable Arrangements

Criminal Records of New Cross are now the fastest growing independent label in Britain.

On Monday the label officially released 17 EPs of bands from all over Britain. The release was celebrated on Tuesday with live music in the New Cross Inn. On stage (among others) were New Cross band The Kut and Morviscous, a young band which pleased the audience with a wide variety of tunes and unpredictable arrangements.

Nuriel: Drumming too fast for the camera   Elvira plays the bass  
Unpredictable arrangements: Morviscous
Live in the New Cross Inn: The Kut
EP release under Criminal Records: Morviscous

Other artists that now have released an EP under Criminal Records are:
Spider Reundant, Lowstar, Dead Eye, DTI + Hybercube, The Mystery Artist, Shuffle, Crow, Norton, Kaibosh, Kent Thompson, les Figurines, Kallinger Co., Giantkind, The Dirty Pins and Daniel.

The label has also released a compilation of 19 bands, The Criminal Sessions.

For more information about bands, mp3s, and how to order an EP please visit

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