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Music - General

Gluerooms: Experimental sounds (monthly night in New Cross):
Members Club in Deptford (DJs, Poetry...):
Speakers Corner Live
: Homegrown underground MCs and Lyricists:
Sickhappyidle: info about local bands, archivist of the LOST CLUB and more:
"I love New Cross" (CD - totally local!):
local music site (bands, news, links and more...):
Rocklands: page for local bands from SE London, with many links, forum etc.:
Wireless FM
: Independent internet radio broadcasting from St Agnes (Kennington):
Wired FM:Goldsmiths' students radio:
Criminal Records:
Local label launched in 2004:
Real Recordings: New Cross underground label of "Known":
Greenwich Web Radio:
Angular Records:
(New Cross label)

Music - Artists (in alphabetical order)

Anna Vincent:
Art Brut:
Colonel Mustard:
DJ Kleenex:
Electricity Comes From Other Planets:
Evi Vine:
Realtime Thrill:
Sergeant Buzfuz
Severe Reprisal:
Strange Chocolate:
The Beale:
The Crowd:
The Dirty Feel:
The Dirty Pins:
The Drezone:
The Dominoes:
The Gemma Ray Ritual:
The Kut!
three local girls in one unbelievable band:
The Metroriots:
The Moon:
The Noisettes:
The Stabilisers:
The Sly Ones:
The Teenbeat:
The Venus Pollution Project:
The Violets:
Twisted Charm:
We Yes You No:
Yo Zushi:
100 Bullets Back:

Co-ops/ Alternative Housing

Sanford Housing Co-op: New Cross: info & application procedure:
Rokeby Community Housing Co-op: Brockley; info & application procedure:
Boundless: Broadband Coop for the Deptford Area:
Open Coop:
creating a virtual social cyberspace:
Alternative Housing Conference 2004
: 11 September 2004 in Clays Lane:
St Agnes Street in Kennington - autonomous space for 30 years:
Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS): loads of info and advice about squatting:
Empty Homes: Loads of info about empty properties:

Radical Routes:
network of radical co-ops
: information, contacts, publications...
info & financial support for member co-operatives since
Upstart: provides information about setting up Housing Co-operatives:
Catalyst Collective: Support for setting up and registering new Co-ops:
Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH): UK wide organisation for housing co-operatives
Open Capital: Alternative ways to finance community projects:

Local Action & Media

Deptford TV - documenting the regeneration of the local area:
Brockley Market Campaign
: campaign to set up a street market in Brockley: Brockley Market Campaign
Local exchange Trading Scheme:
Save Deptford Park
from being partly used for housing
Olan Trust:
promoting ecologisand more:
Wireless FM:
Independent internet radio broadcasting from St Agnes (Kennington):
: Independent and autonomous news network:
56a: 100% DIY-run space in SE 17 - resource for local people, campaign groups and projects:
Resonance 104.4fm: London's first radio art station:
Wombles: Reports and political action and more from the white overall movement:
Schnews: News and political action off the mainstream:
Newsshopper: local news for Greenwich and Lewisham:
Sick Happy Idle - Zine:
Needle & Thread: Local website - sharing info on local resources:
freshfilmslondon: Film site Cafe Crema:
The Invited Cinema:


Richard Russell:
Spinmaster Plantpot
, the screaming highway poet

Lewisham Arthouse: based in Lewisham Way:
Creekside Artsist: Arts co-operative in Brockley:
Contemporary stencil graffiti in Baghdad, New Cross & Palestine:
Area 10:
independent unfunded artist-led initiative behind Peckham library:
Prangsta: Mel's shop of fancifull dresses in New Cross Road:
Laban Centre: one of the first adresses for the art of dancing in Europe:
Gosha Valentine's unique clothe shop in New Cross Road:
Creative Lewisham
: arts & creative projects, events and
Netvoodoo: Webdesign with community aspiration:
The Reel fakers (dave's super 8 projections):

Health & Environment

London Cycling Campaign: advocate of cyclists in London. Get a free bicycle map of your local area for free!:
Greenwichcyclists: bicycle website for Greenwich:
Pogo Cafe in London; nice page with a respectable compilation of links about veganism:


Goldsmith College, New Cross:
Goldsmith College Student's Union, New Cross:
Lewisham College
, New Cross:

Young People

Young Mayor of Lewisham: Emanuel Hawks (15):
B-inspired: local website for under 19's:


Borough of Lewisham:
Borough of Greenwich:
Borough of Southwark:


Community Centres

Use Your Loaf: social centre in Deptford (evicted in 2004):
Social Centre Network:
network of autonomous spaces to share info and resources:
The Albany in Deptford: charity, provides venue, workshops, courses and more...:


South East London Folklore Society: paganism, fortean, folklore, high-strangeness and the occult:


Citicen Advice Bureau: Huge variety of advice of all sorts...:
Homeless London: advice for homeless people, broken down to local organisations:
Volunteering Lewisham: platform for local volunteers:

New Cross Gate NDC: £45 m of funding until 2011:

Private Homepages

Ian's juggling site
nice page with loads of photographs from various events - well worth to visit:
Chris' Yoga site: recommended; pictures of yoga retreats in Marocco: