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Jobs for Britain
This fool gets £2.50 an hour to hold this stupid sign...
Why signholding is Britain's Future
Jesus stripsearched?
Home Office: "Mr Christ can not be an exception"
Immigration officers in Dover have refused Jesus the permission to travel to Britain
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Hurray! Lewisham is fit for Olimpya!

This is the committee that will manage Olimpya 2006 in Luisham

How Lewisham Shopping Centre will be replaced by a mountain range for Olimpya 2013...
-Everyone has the right to be stupid!-
longhaired freelancer

by the longhaired guy above

"Smokers in New Cross beware!"

Mental Carpet A-Z

Mugging for Lewisham

Mugging is good for the economy...

The Council of Lewisham has appealed to local criminals to step up their efforts for a fairly unsafe Borough...

(read this amazing article)
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