longhaired freelancer
" New Cross Tavern Smoke Free?"
-Everyone has the right to be stupid!-
(by the longhaired guy above)

Smokers in New Cross beware! An evil armada of health freaks are conspiring to transfer the New Cross Tavern and the Goldsmith Branch into a smoke free zone! Nervous drinkers will then be pondering about the hazy days of a better pub life full of smoke, stinking ashtrays and the rhythmical coughing from the tables, peeping through the fag fog to the beer bar. No more buts in piss bowls. All that's left then is getting pissed. Can things get really worse? (They can. Just wait for the world cup)

What could I have against smoking in a country where you are allowed to watch Richard and Judy? - Everyone should have the right to be stupid. Just open your newspaper. But still (and despite most smokes so far have been pub free): Once pubs are smoke free, you might see me there more often. ( one more reason for some to oppose smoke free pubs, I guess!). My lungs wouldn't hurt, my eyes weren't red and my clothes, skin and hair would not have been soaked in a chemical cocktail. 3 good reasons to pay the Marquise of Granny a more frequent visit. I just love joining like-minded people, who like me, don't know what to do with their hands.

Smoke free pubs are good news for smokers. Smokers dread fags anyway and want to stop smoking or at least smoke less. And, as I found out on a visit to smoke free pubs in Dublin, smoking in front of pubs opens up a beautiful new portfolio to meet new people. Wanna fag? - Gotta Lighta? - Shit law! - Woz ur number then? -

Smokers! Just think how you could be torchbearing stepping stones to kickstart a better society: As soon as pubs are smoke free, new campaigns will sprout to ban all the other things that lower our all quality of live - and you will have made the beginning!: Ban petrol-driven cars in populated areas! - Hand out double whoppers only to people under 70 kilograms! - Restrict the consumption of fizzy drinks and crisps to designated areas!.

The end of the campaign of course then must be the alcohol free pub. Can things get really worse? - Hahahave patience. They can. Just wait for the world cup.

"Non-smokers die every day." (Bill Hicks)

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