Karmic Experience at Brockley Rise
-Mental Carpet A-Z! -
by the longhaired guy underneath

I might have believed in Karma or not: But I would have never expected it to hit me at Brockley Rise!

On Tuesday on the 436: last stop New Cross Bus Garage. Me on the top deck, in front of me a young woman with a knitted rainbow jumper. Probably Goldsmith's (arrgh, always this prejudice, why don't I give her a name then?). As she gets up to leave the bus, I notice, that she must have forgotten her A-Z as I pass her abandoned seat.

This is my opportunity!. I used to have 3 (!) A-Zs, but now I have got none! I should have known better. Whenever I lend something to one of my reliable friends, I'll never get it back again, unless I remind them 3 times (if only I knew who I gave them to! - Help! What kind of friends have I got?).

So I seize the opportunity, grab the A-Z (pocket version, used) and clumsily try to hide it in my newspaper. But what's happening? "Excuse me, is this your A-Z?", I suddenly hear myself saying. Did I hear right? Looser! "Ouhh thanks, yes, that's mine", smiles the rainbow girl and puts it in her pocket. And out we go in the New Cross evening rain, she to Old Kent Road, and me up New Cross Road. I must be an idiot! She should have looked after it better! Silly Hippie cow!

Wednesday around lunch, having swept the A-Z issue under my mental carpet, I am cycling along Brockley Rise and - surprise! - what do I find on the pavement? An A-Z! A4 and brandnew (£ 9.50) ! Coincidence ?

And the conclusion? 1. Never forget your A-Z in the bus, unless you wear a rainbow jumper. 2. God (and your mum) know everything! 3. "Hey! Is this your A-Z?" would have been a good chat-up line!

Believe it or not...