International Co-op principles
are guidelines, through which co-ops put their values into practice.

Deptford goes wireless
Deptford residents are amongst the first in Britain to use a Community Wireless Network.

Video Interview (wmv, 3 min)
James Stevens (Boundless Co-op)
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J. Stevens (Boundless)

about housing co-ops

Housing in the local area of South East London can be an expensive and nerve-racking experience. Small rooms in a state of repair, horrendous rents, anonymus neighbourhoods, nasty landlords and speculating agencies are by far no exception. Inmidst this "money-for-value" culture most housing Co-ops can make a real difference. Housing Co-ops manage their affairs in a self-determined and self-responsible manner and do not have a landlord. Their rent levels are significantly lower. They are non-profit organisations.
Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility , democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.

Conference: Progressing the social economy in Deptford

In the last years organiser James McDonald (former chair of Sanford) had organised 2 Alternative Housing conferences. Report includes compact collection of further links about co-ops) more


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Sanford Housing Co-op
London SE 14
general info
& application procedure
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Sanford Party 2004

Dress rehearsal

If you consider to live in a co-op (or want to learn more abot co-op) you can read the co-operative principles. These are international guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice. A good general website is Radical Routes. If you want to set up a housing co-op visit Upstart. All co-ops are different and so vary their application procedures. To give you an idea how an application procedure could look like check out Sanford's application procedure. A good example for a smaller local Co-op is Rokeby Community Housing Co-op.


Radical Routes: network of radical co-ops: information, contacts, publications and other suppor:
Rootstock: info & financial support for member co-operatives since
Upstart: provides information about setting up Housing Co-operatives:
Catalyst Collective: Support for setting up and registering new Co-ops:
Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH): UK wide organisation for (but not only) housing co-operatives
Sanford Housing Co-op: New Cross: info & application procedure:
Rokeby Community Housing Co-op: Brockley; info & application procedure:
Alternative Housing Conference 2004: 11 September 2004 in Clays Lane:
Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS): loads of info and advice about squatting:
Empty Homes: Loads of info about empty properties:

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