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Rokeby Community Housing Co-op
Rokeby Co-op Brockley, SE 4

Rokeby Community Housing Co-op Ltd.
Rokeby Road, Brockley, London SE4 1DF,

Tel: 07020 966 706, Fax: 07020 966 708

Left side: Rokeby Community Housing Co-op in winter


Rokeby Community Co-op is a good example for a small community based on self-help, self-responsibility and solidarity. (as outlined by the International Co-op principles). It was founded in 2003 to provide social and environmental housing for the local area. Rokeby Community Co-op consists of several beautiful and unique houses for shared accomodation, built in Rokeby Road in the 1920s, close to the Art House in Lewisham Way. The co-op has close links to other like-minded organisation in the local area.


Rokeby Community Co-op is independent of management agencies and completely self-managed. The co-op benefits from the heterogeneous composition of its members and supporters, and their wide diversity of backgrounds and abilities. All ahead Secretary Storm Poorun, competent, unremittingly and far-sighted managing a huge variety of the co-op's day to day business.

Who can apply?

Rokeby Community Housing Co-op accepts applicants from all sections of the community, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or health status. Where vacancies are available, the co-op ideally seeks applicants with practical abilities and a strong sense of community. The co-op has no provisions for wheelchairs. Unlike in some other co-ops, children are welcome, and are in no sense an obstacle for a successfull application. You can become a member without being a tenant. Membership and support of the co-op might be useful for a later application for a tenancy.

How to apply:

For further details contact Rokeby Community Housing Co-op (details above) or visit the co-op's webpage:

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