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 13. April

South East London TV

Watch South East London TV

 25. March

Deptford Park
In the north end of Deptford Park works are under way to erect a new housing complex.

info & pictures

 25. March

Deptford TV Conference
Filmmakers, artists, and IT experts have met on Saturday in New Cross for the Deptford TV Remix Conference.

info & pictures

 24. March

DJ Webmob
New Cross Ethno Trance "Spirit Guide" mp3
6:10 min, 6 MB

 22. March

MC Manage
(Hip Hop video made in New Cross) "Rise Up"

 19. March

Fit For Fun
Ooops, the Spider did it again and won the race on Sunday with runners from at least 4 countries.

Iris Rob (above) c
ouldn't stop the Spider
report and pictures

 16. March

DJ Oldskool
Techno, Trance & Electro
info & Techno Video in Spain Open Air

 13. March

One Jah & Junior
live in New Cross 11.3.06

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 10. March

Video live on wired fm 101.4
Yohan: "I am a vegetarian"

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 10. March

Boundless Co-op: Deptford goes wireless
Deptford residents are amongst the first in Britain to use a Community Wireless Network.

James Stevens (Boundless Co-op)
Video info & pictures

 7. March

"Elephant House": a case for demolition?
The Elephant House and the Coffeeshop in New Cross Lewisham Way are facing demolition.

Elephant to be decapitated?
info & pictures

 7. March

Goldsmith College students support lecturers' strike
New Cross Students have supported a lecturers' strike for more money and better working conditions.

Picket line outside Goldsmiths College
info & pictures

 13. February

the spider is back! has received this trailer for a mysterious race on the 19th March 2006 in Brockley.

preparing for race: the spider
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 12. February

Deptford TV - Setting up a video database for Deptford
Adnan Hadzi
Adnan Hadzi (Deptford TV)
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 29. January

Homelessness Day
On Sunday around 100 people attended a service of St. Michael's Church in Camden dedicated to the homeless.
The day was organised with help of Kevin Scarlet, who is known by many as a networker in the New Cross area. report and video (10 min)

Kevin Scarlet

 24. January
Music Video: "No one can stop us" (the internationals)
22.01.06 recorded at New Cross Coffeeshop

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 22. January
Animal Video: New Cross Wildlife
Amazing footage from a New Cross back garden

To watch this report online now, just choose your bandwidth and click on the link below.
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 17. January
Poetry by Francis F Knight:
mother nature's love

New Cross Poetry: Francis F Knight
 16. January

visitors, background, contact and statistics of 2005

 15. January
avocado productions:
4 short film debuts online

Visit the Avocado film site

 10. January
Are vegetarians murderers?
Don't eat us, we've got a face!

5. January
2005 visitor numbers hit 16 000 visitor numbers for 2005

1. January
Music Video released

Yohan & the Avocados: "I am a Vegetarian"